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all stone coated  tiles are  created equal



A corrosion inhibitor coating, such as Aluminum-Zinc, is critical for the long-term performance of the tiles and some roofing companies use cheaper materials thus affecting the durability of the roof tile.



 Many low qualities manufacturers compromise on this by either lowering the AZ coating or using a thinner gauge metal to make the product cheaper.



The BIGGEST single complaint from buyers of cheaper roof tiles is color fade.



 You should question how exactly their warranty process works.



There are a lot of reasons that your roof…

Well-known stone-coated metal roofing tile companies will always buy their steel from quality sources because the failure of the steel will have a big impact on their reputation. Steel from smaller steel mills is cheaper, sometimes half the price, but this steel comes without a guarantee. The coating on the steel is also critical as it directly effects the durability and performance of the roof tile. If the steel is not of first-class quality, there will always be problems with these coatings. A corrosion-inhibiting coating, such as Aluminum-Zinc, is critical for the long-term performance of the tiles. Sometimes unscrupulous suppliers even sell tiles that use as little as AZ40, providing only very limited resistance to corrosion. The buyer won’t know this for 4 or 5 years, but their roof may begin accelerated corrosion (rusting), while neighbors in the same building environment can enjoy their roof for 50 years.
The roof is arguably the most important part of every building. It represents a significant proportion of the building cost and is a critical part of the overall design, aesthetic and beauty of the building. As with everything people buy, when two products look the same, but one carries a significantly higher price than the other, there is usually a good reason why - one which we can't always see from surface appearance.
Different types of rock have varied properties. They should not only be hard and strong, but also UV-stable to ensure colors do not change under ultraviolet exposure. The stone chip can be coated using high-quality ceramic technology. Other stone-coated tiles compromise by using painted stone chips that quickly fade or soft enough to lose shape or pulverize. Today, the world's biggest companies have developed their own acrylic-based coating technology. The Intellectual Property of their acrylic coatings is a closely guarded secret because it is one of the key differences between products. It’s sometimes said that making a tile look good when it’s new is easy; clever technology keeps the tiles looking good for 30, 40, or 50+ years.
The majority of manufacturers offer a 50-year warranty, and while major suppliers offer limited, comprehensive warranties, unknown brands may offer a 50-year warranty without any specific conditions. Example: If there is a problem, how can you be sure you’ll get your money back, or who will pay for the installation if the roof needs replacing? If the company has only been making products for a few years, ask how they can offer a 50-year warranty when the product has not been around for anything close to this long. Products that have a proven track record can be better trusted, so look out for manufacturers who are over 50 years old. Unfortunately, regulations are not always enforced, so sometimes false names and false countries of origin appear on the products. Do your due diligence.
1. Stone chips should not come off the tile surface; There has to be a strong adhesion of the stone chips to the steel surface. It should conform to ASTM D522, which is the 180-degree mandrel test. The basecoat should be able to keep the stone chips properly attached. 2. Roof tiles should be rigid and not flimsy to avoid being easily twisted. Thin metal can also quickly cause dents during and after roof installation. 3. Always look for a trusted brand. This logo is every company’s mark of excellence. Every tile would have a production date and other pertinent manufacturing details that would quickly help in identification and quality control.




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