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Acoustic Test Report 73 of Canterbury Acoustic Research Group
Acoustic Test Report 72 of Canterbury Acoustic Research Group
Acoustic Test Report 71 of Canterbury Acoustic Research Group
Acoustic Test Report 70 of Canterbury Acoustic Research Group
Gerard Roofs Cyclone Test James Cook University

BAL-FZ Certification
Declare Label - Gerard Smooth Profile Range
Declare Label - Gerard Texture Profile Range
New Zealand Green Building Council Certification - 2018/19
ISO 14001 - Certificate of Compliance
ISO 9001 - Certificate of Compliance

Decra tiles are consistently tested for quality consistency in both our own laboratories and independent testing stations. Tiles from every batch produced every day are picked at random and tested to ensure our quality standards are met in a series of measures. For international certification, independent external laboratories test Decra tiles and accessories to ensure they meet the high standards set by them and by countries around the world.
Weather Resistance
Resistance to Impact of Hailstones test – by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) Australia. (AHI 9.1)
Weather Security
High Speed Dynamic Rain Penetration and High Wind loading Tests – by the Construction Research Laboratory Inc, Florida, USA. (AHI 2.1.1)
Building Certification
British Board of Agreement, assessment of products for construction – Certificate No: 99/3568 March 1999. & 99/3568 March 1999.
Thermal Resistance
Thermal properties with and without underlays (sarking). Tests by the AHI Technical Centre, New Zealand. (AHI 2.5.2, 3.63)
Concentrated Loading
Concentrated Force on Roofing Tiles in Australian Standard 1562. Rule 5.2, 1973 by the Cyclone Testing Station, Australia. (AHI 2.2.2, 2.1.9)
Building Certification
Rainwater run-off is well within the lower limits of the World Health Organisation’s standards. Tests by Water Science Laboratories, Australia.
Fire Resistance
Otto Graf Institute, Germany – Resistance to flying fires and radiant heat, Cert. No: DIN4102/7 October 2000
Earthquake Resistance
Wakefield Laboratories Limited of New Zealand – Simulated Earthquake Test 1969. (AHI 2.5.34)
Hurricane & Wind Resistance
Hurricane tested by the Construction Research Laboratory Inc., Miami, Florida, USA (AHI 2.1.1)