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Among the state-of-the-art roofing solutions available today, DECRA produces one of the most durable, environmentally-friendly and best-looking roof tiles, but its history was not an overnight success.

The bituminous emulsion coating used to protect the metal roof tiles was developed in wartime England to hide buildings from German air raids. Corrugated metal roofs, which topped many important storage buildings, were reflective and provided an easy target for enemy aircraft. The bituminous emulsion proved to be such a hit with its ‘non-removable superpower’ that bonded so well to metal roofs, that its potential for a roofing revolution was obvious.

The original Decra® formula has been improved with an advanced acrylic base, which has set the gold standard for durability and longevity. That was the final touch for Decra® becoming the original stone coated metal roof manufacturer since 1957.

After more than half a century of global operations, DECRA is now owned by IKO, a global leader in the roofing industry. IKO shares the same ideals that we have upheld for decades – ideals of ongoing innovation and relentless attention to quality products and service. Ideals that will ensure DECRA’s success for many more decades to come.